StranoTir  works as exclusive interlocutor able to manage on behalf of companies the storage of goods, store logistic and national and international forwarding  through Italy and  Europe.
The company manages the forwarding of the goods by its own transport or by national partners.
Taken the orders to deal with and packed the items to send, the company attends to the requisite documents for national forwarding through Italy and international forwarding all over the world: carriage note, transport documents (DDT), customs formalities, etc.
StranoTir guarantees reliability and certainty of delivery day.
Before making forwarding,  StranoTir gets in touch with buyers in order to agree on delivery day and time.
It also gives control service of forwarding consignee’s addresses, stock in trade clearance (if sent goods became stock in trade), forwarding insurance, cash on delivery management.
The company doesn’t make forwarding spot to single sales, but it works as companies partner operating in any field.