StranoTir company offers a lot of services among which traceability of the production lot  till the last customer, previewing  conduct and removal of the goods on-line, quality controls, checking of the amounts and complete implementation of informative supporting system, it also offers integrated logistics services to the companies: goods collection, storage, stockpiling, goods removal, stock in trade check, packing, carrying out the orders, forwarding.

Goods are collected in groupage way or just palletized. The goods are also assembled in box, cartons or packing cases put on EUR or Epal pallets. Package are after labelled in order to make easier the storage. So collection costs are economically more advantageous, not burdening too much on the final price of a single forwarding  to debit to the customer. The goods collection will occur in fixed days , arranged with your company.

Arranging daily fixed collections or in fixed rate is possible too.  Then goods are carried to our store. Alternatively your company can send goods just palletized to our store.
The company also manages stock, distributes  goods all over national territory and plans the transport management and distribution.
The firm has logistic stores where stockpiling goods and it has all required equipments and machineries for goods loading, downloading and stockpiling.

StranoTir offers logistic, stockpiling and forwarding services:

- Stockpiling on commission letting out bench seat in its own stores;

- Goods receiving or collecting in groupage or just palletized at the logistic store, storage and following forwarding;

- Logistic platform in Italy for companies that have to stockpile goods and following to send them to several consignees in Italy, Europe, all over the world.

This service is for both the companies that need another company acting on commission all papers about store logistic and bought goods forwarding, and those companies that need a store to deposit goods  and then to ship consignments in Italy and all over the world.

Taken the orders to deal with, StranoTir attends to sort the goods and to pack by suitable packing  for each kind of goods to send. StranoTir has boxes and packing of every size,  measure and corrugated cardboard material, packing with expanded material stuffing, flo-pak filling material, several size throwaway  pallets, external coating pallet  film distributors and supply of the relative rolls. StranoTir packs the sending items by “ad hoc” packing; from corrugated cardboard boxes in order to damp blows during delicate forwarding (ex. glass or porcelain items), to cardboards with inner coating, solid hive and thickness preserving their integrity.

Tracking forwarding
StranoTir  offers to its own customers  tracking and monitoring service about national and international forwarding to test forwarding condition at any time.

Occurred delivery final result
When sent item reaches its destination, StranoTir attends to inform the customer company about the occurred delivery.

Returns and complaints management
StranoTir manages problems about returns and complaints on customer companies commission.

Stock in trade management
StarnoTir attends to clear stock in trade if sent goods became like this.

Cash management

If bought on-line goods must be paid cash on delivery, StranoTir attends to cash payments on companies commission.