StranoTir have offered its own professional competence  and passion to its own customers for thirty-two years. The motor vehicle park, besides being  renovated often, is periodically checked , in order to guarantee safety  and punctuality of travelling goods. A. Strano’s StranoTir company is one of the European leader in industrial  transport and logistics.
Counting on modern structures and equipment able to satisfy customer’s every specific requirements, the Italian logistic branch works in several fields, from the industry to the transport of foodstuffs and perishable goods. It offers a lot of services among which traceability of the production lot  till the last customer, previewing  conduct and removal of the goods on-line, quality controls, checking of the amounts and complete implementation of informative supporting system. It also manages stock, distributes  goods all over national territory and plans the transport management and distribution. The service excellence is not apart from the highly technologized stores on the territory. The StranoTir Policy centred around strategies aiming at a balanced increasing  paying attention to ecology, environment and quality work improvement, succeeded the “ITALIA CHE LAVORA” award in 1995,  among the companies that distinguished themselves on the fields: Transport and transport agency, contributing to make the country increase both economically and socially.